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Admissions: Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the deadline for admission?
At St. Paul Lutheran Seminary we have a rolling admissions process. We accept application throughout the year and process them as received. In order to ensure timely processing of materials and completion of the process it is advisable to have all forms submitted at least one month before the start of the term.

What kinds of letters of recommendation are needed?
It is helpful to have at least one recommendation from a person who can speak to your faith life and church involvement. A colleague or supervisor who can speak to your work ethic is also helpful.  Where appropriate, a professor or teacher who can speak to your academic abilities is advisable.  We strongly discourage using family members as references.

Is St. Paul Lutheran Seminary accredited?
SPLS is not accredited at this time, but will be seeking accreditation at the earliest possible date after the graduation of our first student class. Our intent is to work toward accreditation through the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Does SPLS accept transfer credits?
SPLS accepts transfer credits from schools with regional or ATS accreditation.  Credits from non-accredited schools are reviewed on a case by case basis. No more than 45 credits can be transferred into the Master of Divinity program.

What church bodies accept degrees from St. Paul?
SPLS is in conversation with a number of church bodies regarding acceptance of our students. At this time it is advisable to speak directly with a representative of the church body in which you plan to serve to determine if they will recognize a Master of Divinity or certification from SPLS.

Is a bachelor’s degree required for admission to the MDiv program?
In special circumstances students who have not completed an undergraduate degree can be considered for admission to the Master of Divinity program.  In these cases, life experience that shows preparation for graduate education is required.  An additional admission essay detailing the circumstances to be considered and demonstrating the candidates writing abilities is required.

Is Greek a prerequisite for admission?
One year of Greek is a prerequisite for the Master of Divinity program. Students who did not study Greek at their undergraduate institution can take Greek through St. Paul Lutheran Seminary for no credit, either in the summer or during their first year of enrollment.  Students who have studied Greek but have no undergraduate credits in Greek will have the opportunity to take a proficiency exam to demonstrate their competence in Greek.

Can I take classes without being enrolled in a degree program?
St. Paul Lutheran Seminary does not require enrollment in a degree program to take courses.  Students interested in taking a class can apply for admission as non-degree students or can audit courses for no credit. Students enrolling as non-degree students who later desire to enter a degree program are required to complete the admission process for that program.

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